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NAAC Re-accredited "B" Grade

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Rules And Regulations

Code of conduct for students

➢ The id cards with photograph affixed must be carried by the students at all the times on the campus.
➢ Students must attend all the lectures regularly.
➢ Students should have minimum 75% of attendance
➢ Students conduct must be satisfactory.
➢ Students must appear for all the tests and examinations and show satisfactory progress.
➢ Students must not cause any disturbance to fellow students or other classes.
➢ Students must not loiter the corridor
➢ Students are expected to take care of the institution’s property. Any damage done to the property such as disfiguring the walls, doors, furniture etc is a breach of discipline and amounts to fine.
➢ Use of mobile is to be curtailed.
➢ Be punctual to classes.

Code of conduct for teachers

 ➢ Communicate clearly with the students
➢ Be updated in the knowledge of subject and current affairs.
➢ Prepare the lectures as per the time table
➢ Conduct lectures as per the time table
➢ Be punctual to classes
➢ Use modern tools of teaching to make lectures interesting.
➢ Prepare lesson plan and adhere to it
➢ Complete the syllabus in time
➢ Attendance of students must be recorded regularly
➢ Maintain a work diary exhibiting the weekly duration of work and obtain the signature of the principal at the end of a month.
➢ Conduct the examinations as per the time table
➢ Evaluate the pages in stipulated time
➢ Listen to the problems of students and resolve them.
➢ Be in contact with the parents/ guardians of the students.
➢ Take the prior approval of leave from the respective authority and make alternative arrangements for lectures.

Code of Conduct of Governing Body

➢ To ensure that the institution is run smoothly
➢ To use reasonable care & skill in their work as members of the Governing body on which they serve and take appropriate decisions.
➢ Present the budget estimates as received from the finance & accounts committee
➢ Provide infrastructure, premises, buildings, furniture, apparatus and other equipment needed for the smooth conduct of the work of the institution.
➢ Consider the perspective plan for the academic development of the institute
➢ Take overall responsibility for student welfare.

Code of conduct for Principal

➢ Principal, being the head of the Organisation, is answerable to the management for all academic, financial and administrative activities of the institution.
➢ Review current academic programs, collaborative programs, and Human Resource Management of the institute.
➢ Conducting admission as per the rules of state government.
➢ Development & Implementation of strategic plan for short term and long term development of the institute and sustainable quality improvement.
➢ Plan & facilitate guidance, counselling, at institutional level
➢ Discuss and approve financial estimates, annual reports, accounts audit reports time to time.
➢ Demonstrate commitment to academic excellence and plan to organise faculty development programs.
➢ Promote interactions with all stake holders, facilitate students placements.
➢ To be chief superintendent for examinations.
➢ To facilitate industry interactions.
➢ Communicate regularly with all members of the institution
➢ Evaluate the performance of faculty and support staff
➢ Uplifting institution’s image in the society
➢ To lead the accreditation activities of the institution maintaining quality standards.

Code of Conduct for support staff

➢ Be punctual to your work
➢ Maintain a supportive environment while performed the assigned duties.
➢ Maintain confidentiality
➢ Understand the job scope, practice and procedures relating to their position.
➢ Ensure accuracy and be well organised.
➢ Manage time effectively
➢ Meet targets to the best of their capacity
➢ Submit leave applications in time if they want to avail leave.

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