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Vision and Mission Of The Institution


         To be pioneers in uplifting the downtrodden and inspiring the talented students to render their best to the nation and mankind as a whole.


§  To harness the potentials by imparting quality education in Arts, Commerce & Computer Application by awakening their aesthetic sense, inculcating entrepreneurial skills and igniting the hidden powers to face the challenges of the modern competitive world.
To foster the employability skills among students.
§  To strive towards their cultural and ethical upliftment.
To develop creativity in thought and approach.
§  To create an academic environment conducive to quality teachimg, learning and research studies with timely training programs.
To provide access to excellent higher education for the youth.

Core Values

The institution has adopted a list of core values contributory to its vision, mission & goals. They aim at the development of curriculum, faculty & students

1. Contributing to National Development

          The Institution fosters the spirit of social justice. The students community comprises majority of students belonging to SC/ST minorities and OBC. The educational needs of these students are better fulfilled. As they are in majority, they become very confident and can learn in a free & frank atmosphere. Majority of the students are girls. The institution thus confess to the needs of girls. The ladies dept, Anti-sexual harassment committee, discipline committee, grievance redressal committee, etc see that no any kind of clashes are arranged among students. All opportunities are equally shared by boys & girls thus providing scope for gender equity. These methods and strategies have contributed to national development.

2. Fostering Global Competencies among students.

          The communication skill development strategy helps the students to cultivate global competency. The college has established strong collaboration and net working with the NGO’s and other neighbouring institutions & bodies . It helps to develop the interpersonal skill attainment. May of our students are employed in U.K and other foreign countries who are in continuous contact (face book) with us.

3. Inculcating A value system among students

          India is known for its rich & diversified cultural heritage. There are a set of socially acceptable values which are to be imbibed by every person, especially the student community. It is the responsibility of the faculty to see that students understand the significance of values such as trust worthiness, good character & conduct, truth, honesty, perseverance, compassion towards each other, mutual respect, respect for elders, punctuality, dedication, etc. The students are motivated and convinced to follow these norms in their day to day behaviour.

4. Promoting the use of Technology.

          The use of modern ICT methods have made teaching –learning an easier process. The teachers have become computer literates and are accustomed to the use of Computer & internet. From time to time additional computer training is provided. They make use of Power point presentations while delivering lectures. Free e-journals & e-resources are downloaded. Display of educational & motivational CD’s increase knowledge and interest of students & makes learning more feasible.

5. Commitment.

          We are committed to meeting the needs of the community we serve. Community commitment facilitates : • Focus on student and stake holder needs.• Respond to the changing expectations of the community towards us. • Create new programs and services to meet identified needs .• Continuous evaluation of programs, services, systems, etc. • Opinion collection and participate decision- making.

6. Respect

          We believe in philosophy of ‘ give respect and take respect’. The initiatives to ensure respect : • Including all the internal stake holders such as management, faculty & students in the decision making. • Conveying stake holders such as alumni , parents and community. • Promote trust through fair & courteous treatment. • Recognize faculty support staff and student contribution.

7. Excellence

          We make continuous efforts to achieve excellence in teaching-learning. The initiations are :• Maintain continuity and consistency in teaching • Quality maintenance in recruitment of staff, faculty development, facilities, programs & services • Visualise needs of students and respond accordingly. • Encourage creative thinking & innovation • Arrange faculty exchange programs

8. Accountability

          We inculcate spirit of accountability, when achieved leads to excellence. The initiatives are : • Take responsibility for personal and professional growth. • Evaluate and improve teaching strategy • Respect the values determined by the institution • Fostering social responsibility

9. Diversity

          The college tries to bring about unity in its diversified interests : • Ensuring equal & fair access to all • Recognize and appreciate diversity • Implement learning activities that integrate topics related to diversity • Respect views of all

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